Precision Hosts Cal Poly Women in Construction

We hosted a great meetup last week with Cal Poly Women in Construction — including a terrific seminar on being a woman in the field from Precision Project Manager Jennifer Hiatt, SE, tips on prepping for that all-important internship from HR manager Stephanie McDonald, and because it was Cinco de Mayo, tacos, a pinata, and other fun stuff. (That raw space in the background is Precision’s new headquarters building, about to undergo a full renovation.)

Jen is a powerhouse and didn’t hold back sharing her hard-won experience or excellent advice, including: Don’t listen to the cynics, like the ones who told Jen — a structural and civil engineer — to not bother applying to Cal Poly. Speak up for yourself when it gets awkward, including with your boss. Do your research and ask smart questions, like how you will fit into a project and the company’s future. When you figure out what you want — go for it! Don’t wait to feel 100 percent prepared. And always, always carry a pen and notebook.