Precision Spotlighted in Bloomberg News

Precision Spotlighted in Bloomberg News

A milelong stretch of track in Hawthorne, CA – the world’s first Hyperloop tunnel – might be the most inspiring project we’ve ever built. The Hyperloop is a futuristic transportation system that moves people and cargo at the speed of sound – and this initial effort by SpaceX helped launch Hyperloop research, projects, and companies around the world. When founder Elon Musk decided to dismantle the tunnel in late 2022, Bloomberg News interviewed Precision’s Erik Wright and broke a story that was picked up around the world, from the Los Angeles Times to Wired Italy, Fox Business to CNBC Indonesia.

Precision joined the Hyperloop team six years ago, when we solved an extremely difficult construction problem and were named co-design-build contractor. On the job, we found ourselves chatting with co-workers whose previous gigs were things like collecting dark matter in space (seriously!). We saw firsthand how contributions from a range of perspectives can make even an impossible project a reality.

The Hyperloop gave us a glimpse of better way to do construction – one that is open minded, collaborative, and dedicated to advancing the industry. Those ideals became our North Star and inspired Precision’s mission to actively raise the bar of the construction industry, to push the limits, and to never blithely accept the status quo.

One day, we may all hop into pods and blast through concrete tubes toward our destinations. This is the approach that will get us there – and to so many other places.

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