Naval Investigative Center


Port Hueneme, CA



Design-Build Renovation


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

At Port Hueneme, a First-Class Upgrade

Precision delivers creative solutions and high polish for a Navy investigative center

This $3.25 million design-build renovation of a 1998 Naval Criminal Investigative Service center upgraded every aspect of the facility including top-secret areas that require specialized security. The 6,500-square-foot, second-story space encompassed rooms for interviews, fingerprinting, evidence, and processing, a lobby, and offices, in a facility that serves 2,600 active-duty military personnel.

Precision supplied creative solutions throughout the construction process, including installing an independent water line to boost pressure to the second floor after discovering that the building’s water system operated at too low pressure to add the new kitchen and bathrooms that the client wanted.
Retrofitting the entire building’s plumbing was beyond the budget, and this prevented the client from sacrificing a priority element of the plan.

The extensive security measures involved high-security GSA-approved door locks, an intrusion detection system, an access control system, motion sensors in all rooms with windows and all offices, storage boxes for wireless devices, and GSA-approved CDX-10 combination locks. White noise was pumped into air ducts for interview rooms, to meet sound-transmission requirements. A vault-like storage room for arms and ammunition with reinforced walls, a metal mesh ceiling, and 12-gauge steel doors. Windows were permanently sealed or equipped with permanent locking devices.

Other scopes included demolition and removal of interior walls, ceiling tiles and grid, lighting, and carpet; upgrading electrical panels; and installing a new wellness room and high-end finishes to the office spaces.

Precision construction services' Naval Investigative Center Project - USACE Port Hueneme
Naval Investigative Center
Building 1443, Naval Base Ventura County
Port Hueneme, CA United States